Dear Reader,

Greetings from Oklahoma(I really don't like living here). I hope you'll enjoy my site and continue with me on this journey of craziness I call life. 

I started this blog because I like to write(it is an outlet for me), and also because I am a 31 year old Mom,  that has been through a crazy amount of "shittyness" (but I did get through it) and I thought those experiences could actually be very entertaining. Also, maybe I can reach someone dealing with similar situations, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

What is this blog about? ummm I would say.... The Ups and Downs of Life, My Advice, Embarrassing Stories, Motherhood, Raising Teens, Functioning with Anxiety, The Day to Day, Fashion Tips(for the 30 something year old), Being 30, Marriage, Sex, Separation, Death of a Loved One, Politics, Dealing with "Pinterest Moms", and I may even throw a few Recipes and Fitness Tips in as I go! You never know what you are going to get with me(except bad grammar mistakes), but I hope you will keep coming back as I talk about life, and how it can be so wonderfully imperfect!

Much Love,


Work History

  • Freelance  2017 - present
  • Account Manager 2015-2017
  • Stay at Home Mommy  2002-2015